Preventative Education for the Community
Help Recovery Happens

73% of Garrett County is highly
concerned about drug addiction

The results of a Garrett County Public Opinion Survey conducted in March 2015 showed that 73 percent of our community members are either concerned or very concerned about opioid abuse. Our goal is to share a consistent message with families, friends, addicts and all members of the community – there is another choice.

Yet only 30% of Garrett County feels
like they know how to help

Our public opinion survey also showed that while the majority of our community is concerned about the problem, very few of us actually know what to do to help. There are so many ways you can make an impact on addicts and the problem at large within Garrett County. With your help we can reduce pain addiction misuse, overdoses and fatalities.

For the community

Opioid addition, pain medicine abuse and heroin dependency, are city problems, and rural problems.

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For the family & friends

Yes, it can happen to your family. It can even happen right under your nose. Your children, your parents, yourself - none of you are immune.

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For the individual

So, you’re an addict. We understand for some it's a hard thing to admit, and you probably can’t even believe it's come to this.

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Get Involved

Addiction to and misuse of prescription pain medications are growing problems in Garrett County.

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Hear the Stories

Listen to Matt's #story, and check out for #recovery #resources in #GarrettCounty.

Posted by Garrett County Health Department on Friday, August 4, 2017


I want to be an example of all of the good that can happen.


No matter what happens, there's hope for you, too.


Yes, addiction happens. But something else happens, too.

Make the Difference

There are numerous ways you can get involved in our efforts to increase awareness, promote prevention and reduce addiction to pain medications in Garrett County. This website is full of helpful information and specific ways you can have an impact. Please spend some time reading it through. If you find you want to do more, please call the Garrett County Opioid Misuse Prevention Program office at 301.334.7730 for more information on volunteer opportunities.
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